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How to Grow Your Business by Increasing Average Order Value

Video Summary

Many organizations devote most of their time attracting new customers and don’t think about their existing ones. Focusing on improving the average order value is one of the best ways to create more value and grow a business. Whether it’s bundling, up-selling, or cross-selling, different strategies will boost revenues and provide eCommerce growth.

A panel of experts explained these strategies in detail along with how to correctly track them to make sure you’re maximizing value.

Featured Speakers:

Sam Gupta from ElevatIQ

Kris Harrington from GenAlpha Technologies

Damon Pistulka from Exit Your Way

Ben Searcy from GoVi

To speak with an expert that can help make sure you achieve eCommerce success, contact us and start maximizing your eCommerce potential today.

Podcast Version


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