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Women in ERP: December 2023

Show Summary

Women in ERP is a monthly show hosted by Kris Harrington and Sarah Scudder that highlights different women in the ERP industry, their stories, and much more. The goal of the show is to bring more representation to women in the ERP industry, along with having a fun and engaging conversation along the way.

December's episode of Women in ERP focused on discussing insights and trends from the past year and predicting trends for 2024. The guests, Keiwana Eaton, and Kris Harrington, share their experiences in ERP and highlight the challenges of implementing ERP projects and integrations. Keiwana talks about how small businesses are becoming more aware of inventory control, especially after COVID-19. Kris emphasizes that ERP projects take more time and resources than many people realize. Both guests stress the importance of having key internal team members involved in ERP implementation.

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