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A digital platform tailored to meet the distinct needs of manufacturers and distributors. With Equip360, you can create long-lasting relationships with customers and drive digital growth.

Provide real-time information for customers and automate routine tasks

Ensure equipment support throughout its entire lifespan


Streamline the Buying Experience for Parts and Equipment

Elevate your digital sales performance, optimize inventory management, and propel growth with a cutting-edge B2B eCommerce solution created specifically for manufacturers.

Make it simple to locate parts and equipment with advanced search functionality

Provide real-time insights into price and availability

Allow users to access order information and track order status

Bring Your Parts Manuals Online

Leverage interactive 2D and 3D parts catalogs to simplify parts identification. With Equip360, customers can fully interact with bill of material structures and break them down assembly by sub-assembly.

No more paging through potentially physical manuals or PDF files

Repurpose existing engineering data into image-driven technical catalogs

WarrantyiPad 2.png

Digitize Warranty & RMA Processes

Eliminate drawn-out warranty claims and empower customers to manage returns on their own.

Lessen calls to the customer service team

Automate the process to save time and money

Improve customer satisfaction and support

About Us

Make Ordering Complex Equipment Simple

With Equip360, customers can efficiently configure equipment to meet their exact needs. Real-time calls to the ERP give instant updates on prices as equipment is configured.

Generate faster quotes and orders

Reduce errors and costs in the quoting process

Increase sales team productivity

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

The analytics module, Equip360 Insights, allows for a deeper understanding of customer behavior as well as insights into product performance.

Create highly customizable dashboards to easily track key metrics

Keep everyone informed by sharing real-time reporting on performance

Leverage product insights to optimize your eCommerce offering

Equip360 is Trusted by

Manufacturers Around the World

Hear From Our Customers

"I've worked with a number of
e-commerce providers in the past who were difficult to work with because they were the experts, and not as passionate about providing a solution that better fits the manufacturer. GenAlpha having an 'out of the box' solution for e-commerce, along with a passion to help customers develop a solution that best fits their business, is a game changer."

Truck Equipment Manufacturer, Upfitter, and Distributor

They literally become part of the company. Our metrics, our successes, our challenges became GenAlpha's. I never felt like the GenAlpha team was any less engaged than I or my team was."

Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer

"GenAlpha bridges the gap between manufacturers and software tools that are critical. It doesn't feel like we're from two different worlds, which is how it normally feels when talking to software companies. The GenAlpha team understands our business very well and not only have a great tool for us, but they walked with us through the process of deploying that tool. GenAlpha thought long and hard about how best to do ecommerce for companies like ours."

Transportation OEM


Ready to Transform Your Business and Grow Digital Sales?

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