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Interactive Parts Manuals

An Interactive Parts Manual Solution for OEMs, Specialty Vehicle,
and Aftermarket Organizations

Bring Your Parts Manuals Online

Equip360's Interactive Parts Manuals feature provides a relational database that allows customers to fully interact with bill of material (BOM) structures, breaking them down assembly by sub-assembly to identify the part they’re searching to replace. Users can also explore interactive parts manuals more extensively with the capability to include PDFs and videos at the individual part level.

Whether you’re looking to create an OEM parts catalog or a web parts catalog for your distribution business, Equip360’s Interactive Parts Manuals feature is an all encompassing solution.


Interactive Parts Manuals

When users don’t know the part number they're searching for they can utilize their unique equipment identifier (whether serial number or VIN) to search their BOM. Then once they’ve identified the part they’re looking for it can be added directly to their cart to order or full part details can be viewed.

Equip360's Interactive Parts Manuals
provide a solution that is...


We repurpose engineering data to create real-time, 2D & 3D interactive, image-driven technical catalogs.
Learn more about our data conversion process.


You choose what parts catalogs, service announcements, marketing pieces, trainings videos, etc. users see when they login.


No more browsing through hard copy manuals or PDF files or wondering whether what you have is up-to-date.

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