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Parts Engineering Data Conversion

Make your manufacturing data work harder.

As most manufacturers enter in an eCommerce sales channel a common “pain point” is the lack of organized parts data. We work to make the most out of your existing manufacturing data set and provide the ability to showcase bill of material (BOM) data in an eCatalog.

Our data conversion services begin with an understanding of the raw data your organization has available, from enterprise resource planning (ERP) data to engineering CAD files to PDF service manuals we develop the needed data scrubbing and converting process to format your parts data into Equip360.

We ensure the data cleansing process is efficient and complies to best practices including the protection of proprietary data with our data conversion tools and processes.


GenAlpha's BOM

Cleansing Process

1. Data Analysis

Discovery session for identifying sources of data and definition of data transformation rules to make the customer friendly

2. Data Transformation

Utilizing GenAlpha’s Data Conversion tool set to deconstruct and transformation both ERP and engineering 2D data into customer friendly format

3. Data Load

Upload of data into Equip BOM database and population of interactive eCatalog with engineering call-outs

Manufacturing Data

That Works

High Quality

It is important to work with a partner that leverages intricate systems knowledge, with over combined 110 years of aftermarket experience, allowing for the highest quality data output


Your integration support specialists, along with our engineering data conversion tools, are the ideal partners to guarantee your data transfers smoothly from your ERP to Equip360

Interactive Results

GenAlpha’s technical team can convert your parts data and catalog into both 2D and 3D images in an interactive eCatalog

Ready to Start Benefiting From

Your Manufacturing Data?

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