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Discover What Truly Matters to Your Customers

Uncover Customer Patterns and Optimize Decisions with Equip360 Insights

Use Data to Drive Informed Decisions

Collect real-time data and turn it into customized reports that allow for more efficient and well-informed decision-making. 

Use these insights to:

Increase reveue

Improve the customer experience and loyalty

Enhance digital sales performance


Create Customizable

Make your data easier to understand with customizable dashboards that make it simple to track key metrics and allow for quicker more informed decisions.

Easily track KPIs like revenue, average order value, conversion rate, and more

Dashboards are flexible and can be customized at any time


Keep Everyone Informed
with Real-time

Effortlessly keep your team members informed on performance by sending them customized reports via email.

Keep everyone on the same page and working toward the same goal

Have the reports automated to go out whenever you want


Gain Deeper Customer Insights

Customer data is invaluable. It enables you to make sure the customer journey is optimized and gives insights into customer behavior.

Create customer segments to learn about repeat customers' or why some abandoned their cart

Use these insights to create personalized email marketing campaigns

Provide a digital experience that keeps customers coming back

Discover Product Insights

Knowing your products inside and out is essential for creating effective pricing strategies, identifying purchasing trends, and maximizing profits, whether you have a few thousand or a million product numbers.


Segment products to learn which are hot, cold, abandoned, most profitable, and more

Use these insights to improve inventory management and reduce costs


Analyze Marketing Performance

Make sure ad spend is being used as effectively as possible. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and plan profitable strategies with KPIs by channel and campaign.

Discover what’s driving the most conversion and what isn’t working

Better cater ads Increase traffic to your site and drive growth

Track performance across all marketing channels

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