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OEMs, Specialty Vehicle &
Aftermarket Organizations

Leverage your ERP data and equip your customers and dealers with the information they need to identify parts, quote, order, check order status and pay invoices online. Give them the self-service experience they're looking for.


Built specifically to ease the process of doing business with a manufacturer. Equip360 provides a personalized experience for customers and dealers that gives real-time insights into inventory, pricing, order tracking, and more. It also improves efficiency for the business through the automation of routine tasks, and it makes repeat purchases a breeze.


TICO Drives Never Before Seen Online Growth with Equip360 by GenAlpha

After successfully selling and servicing terminal tractors for nearly half a decade, TICO realized a problem was emerging when the industry demanded an easier way to identify parts and place orders. With a desire to make it easier for dealers and customers to find what they need while also offering an optimized purchasing experience, TICO partnered with GenAlpha to roll out an eCommerce and Interactive Parts Manuals solution that could meet all of their unique business needs.

Discover the incredible results this manufacturer experienced in only ten months.

Equip360 is Trusted by

Manufacturers Around the World

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Partnering with GenAlpha was a great move not only because they have a terrific product, but also due to their deep understanding of the needs of manufacturing organizations." 

Tray Ivey

DESHAZO Executive VP

"GenAlpha's Equip360 solution is exactly what we need, and their expertise in the aftermarket parts business makes them the perfect partner.

Duncan Pindar

TICO Executive VP

"GenAlpha has a proven track record of large enterprise clients achieve their eCommerce goals. Their manufacturing and aftermarket expertise was a key factor in our selection process.

Brandy Moore

GERBER VP of Service & Aftermarket

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