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Blue-Collar BS Podcast: X Sees Z as the Future

Generational Transformation in Manufacturing

In this episode of the podcast the president of GenAlpha Technologies, Kristina Harrington, shared her thoughts on how the manufacturing industry has transitioned as different generations have come along. She spoke about how different generations communicate, and how to transfer knowledge that is key to building a strong company. In addition, they touched on how digital transformation can bridge the gap between generations.


03:32 The Baby Boomers are exiting fast at all levels of the organization and that’s creating a knowledge gap.

07:24 The things that attract them (Gen Z) are good-paying jobs with flexibility and the tools to help them do their job well from the beginning.

08:49 Where is the information to help the Gen Zs do their job better? How do they service the customer better? How do they make sure they are able to easily achieve their own goals? How do they grow inside the organization if they don’t have access to information quickly and easily?

12:24 If you give them that idea at the outset, that they’re there to help with the change, then they might be more forgiving of what currently exists in the organization as you work to affect that change.

14:39 How do you provide autonomy to a group of individuals, who have been scheduled, pretty much from age 7, 6, till they got out of college or left high school?

19:53 They do think differently and they do behave differently, they just have come up in different worlds. So have patience and be ready to educate.


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