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A BROADcast for Manufacturers

About the Podcast

A BROADcast for Manufacturers

A BROADcast for Manufacturers is a show hosted by three manufacturing experts who want to share their diverse knowledge. They touch on pressing manufacturing topics, and most importantly, they have fun. The show features multiple interesting guests who come on to share their unique experiences and stories. You can find all of the episodes here.

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About the Hosts

Kris Harrington

Kristina Harrington: She is the president and COO for GenAlpha Technologies. Kris joined GenAlpha in 2013 with the purpose to help B2B manufacturers grow revenue by implementing technology that made it easier to do business.

Lori Highby

Lori Highby: Lori is a podcast host, speaker, educator, and founder of Keystone Click, a strategic digital marketing agency. Using her vast multi-industry knowledge – gained from experience and education, She has the ability to see the potential of greatness within the already established good of a business.

Erin Courtenay

Erin Courtenay: Erin is VP of Digital Services at Earthling Interactive. She loves watching programmers work their magic, opening up the possibilities of the internet to small and medium businesses with powerful websites and custom software. Calling herself a “digital empathy practitioner”, Erin is determined to help clients move thoughtfully and compassionately into their digital future.


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