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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For: Understanding Search and Its Profound Impact

Everyone hunts for data. Did you ever stop to think about the process?

This webinar was a deep dive into the fascinating world of search, focused on the internal search of your own information. You'll learn about the history of search, the latest functionality, the future of search, and much more.

Watch the full webinar below.

About the hosts

Kris Harrington, CEO of GenAlpha Technologies

Kris Harrington

Chief Executive Officer, GenAlpha

Kris is one of the original Co-Founders of GenAlpha and an established thought leader in the B2B digital transformation space.

Before her time with the company, she worked in leadership roles in sales and aftermarket parts with Enerpac, Caterpillar, and Bucyrus International. She shares her vast knowledge and experience through blogs, webinars, podcasts, and social media.

Tim Geyer, Head of North America for MARKT-PILOT

Matt Judge

VP of Sales


Matt has been in communications and business in many capacities since 1985. Matt is a graduate of Indiana University and the Advertising Arts College.

His career includes being a radio morning show personality, owning an import-export business focused on manufacturing, and working in technology related to the management of major events. He finally ended up where he belongs, blending his fascination with both manufacturing and technology, to providing software for engineering and aftermarket professionals.


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