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Women in ERP: Characteristics of Successful ERP Solutions

Show Summary

Women in ERP is a monthly show hosted by Kris Harrington and Sarah Scudder that highlights different women in the ERP industry, their stories, and much more. The goal of the show is to bring more representation to women in the ERP industry, along with having a fun and engaging conversation along the way.

May’s show featured some incredible women, and they explained the key characteristics that all successful ERP solutions share. They also explained what to do if there’s a failed ERP implementation, and the biggest lessons they’ve learned from working with various ERPs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so you won’t want out on this conversation.

To view other shows and register for upcoming ones, you can head to the monthly event page.

Featured Speakers:

Brandy Moore from Alfa Laval

Michele Thompson from IAOP

Shannon Mullins from Accelerynt

Anna McGovern from Pondview Consulting

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