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GenAlpha Announces Partnership with AFMS

May 13, 2021, BROOKFIELD, Wis.GenAlpha Technologies has entered into a strategic partnership with AFMS. The shipping industry has been undergoing intense change and these changes have been impacting manufacturers both in cost and fulfillment. The team at AFMS brings experienced consultants with expertise in analyzing carrier contracts and pointing out savings opportunities within even the most sophisticated logistics and supply chain environments.

With a simple and easy process, they’re able to review or pull carrier invoice data and determine where costs can be cut. They also analyze carrier discounts and make sure they’re market competitive and in line with other similar companies.

“AFMS’s expertise and proven track record can’t be matched in their consulting space. That kind of experience is exactly what you want when dealing with such a complex and ever-changing part of your business. We’re excited to begin this partnership and provide our customers with an even higher level of support,” Commented Kris Harrington, President and COO of GenAlpha. “We’re a company built on industry expertise and experience so it was an easy decision to partner with another company that fits that description.”

“This last year has shown how important eCommerce is and the ways that customer expectations have changed. Partnering with an experienced eCommerce solution provider like GenAlpha shows our emphasis on changing with the times and providing even more resources for our customers,” said Ren Santa, Executive Vice President of Sales at AFMS. “The value that we bring our customers in negotiations and consultations will be enhanced by GenAlpha’s knowledge of the rapidly growing eCommerce industry.”

About GenAlpha

GenAlpha Technologies was originally founded to simplify the parts ordering process for large complex manufacturing organizations. From that need came Equip, a fully integrated parts, and equipment eCommerce, eCatalog, and customer portal solution specifically for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers looking to digitize their sales efforts. Today 40+ manufacturing brands utilize Equip to manage their aftermarket equipment business online. Visit the GenAlpha website at for more details on the company and offerings.

About AFMS

25 years working with various transportation carriers has been the foundation of our success. Our fact-based negotiation strategies, advice, and management solutions are key strengths to why AFMS clients have the best shipping rates among peer companies. Our senior managers are actively involved in every aspect of our client’s carrier contract negotiation strategies and discussions. AFMS clients typically achieve 15-25% better rates than those companies that don’t use AFMS. Visit the AFMS website at to learn more.


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