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GenAlpha Releases New Analytics Dashboard, Equip360 Insights

GenAlpha is excited to announce the launch of their new eCommerce dashboard, Equip360 Insights. This will provide GenAlpha customers with increased business intelligence and automation that will support elevated revenues, customer loyalty, and overall performance. Equip360 Insights can be integrated with any plug-in to make it a one-stop shop for analyzing all facets of an online business.

Key Features

1. Performance Analytics: GenAlpha customers will now be able to create their own customizable alerts and recommendations that are all centered around improving eCommerce. There’s a dashboard that allows for easy integration with everything from Google Analytics to email campaigns. These cross-channel analytics streamline the decision-making process and allow for quicker data-driven decisions. They also determine which channels are driving the most revenue and where conversions are coming from so resources can be invested accordingly.

2. Customer Analytics: Insights on the lifetime value and purchasing value of customers is available to help increase customer retention and loyalty. This data allows for easy segmentation and a deeper understanding of what customers want. Customers value service above everything else and Equip360 Insights provides the important information that allows for a better customer experience. Some of that information includes average order value, or if there is a risk of losing a customer. One of the most important components is the lifetime value KPIs. These metrics can help determine how much should be spent to obtain a new customer and help determine where resources should be allocated.

3. Product Analytics: Product data can be overwhelming and hard to analyze but Equip360 Insights breaks it down into digestible segments that help to increase revenues. Cost of Goods Sold can be easily imported so organizations can determine how much is being spent on a product and the return it is providing. One of the most useful segments is Top Bundled Products, which makes it easy to determine which products are being frequently bought together. This allows for an increase in average order value by using this data to offer certain products together. Another useful application is determining which products are performing the best and allocating more resources to focus on the high-earners while also understanding which products are hurting profitability.

4. Customized Reporting: The most important part of data is the ability to interpret it. Equip360 Insights is focused on providing GenAlpha customers a quick way to access the KPIs they care about as simply as possible. This is done through scheduled eCommerce reporting that allows for the viewing of reports even if offline or through email. Quick and easy access to these reports lets team members make well-informed decisions more efficiently than ever before. Custom reports can be easily built to focus on whichever metrics are most important to the user. Reports can be sent to every team member so that across the organization everyone is plugged into the performance of the company. Recurring eCommerce reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to give up-to-date feedback on performance.

The Need for Analytics

Customer expectations are high when they are buying a product online, and as eCommerce sales continue to ramp up it’s crucial that manufacturers, distributors, and dealers are getting the most out of every transaction, maximizing their digital sales potential. Equip360 Insights allows for just that by providing increased business intelligence and improving decision-making. It is a complete tool for analyzing your online business and getting the most out of an eCommerce platform.

Equip360 Solution Releases and Development Sprints

The infrastructure and functionality of Equip360 is continuously evolving through GenAlpha’s development process, which consists of five solution releases planned in 2020—each made up of three individual development sprints.

Industry-leading equipment manufacturers understand the fundamental need to adapt to complex issues, but GenAlpha’s customers don’t just understand the need to adapt—they react with Equip360. Industry-driven improvements allow Equip360 to power eCommerce for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers around the world and actively respond to their customer's complex needs.

About GenAlpha Technologies

GenAlpha Technologies was originally founded to simplify the parts ordering process for large complex manufacturing organizations. From that need came Equip, a fully integrated parts, and equipment eCommerce, eCatalog, and customer portal solution specifically for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers looking to digitize their sales efforts. Today 30+ manufacturing brands utilize Equip360 to manage their aftermarket equipment business online.


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