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GenAlpha Enters Strategic Partnership with Monroe Truck Equipment

December 16, 2020, BROOKFIELD, Wis. ― GenAlpha Technologies has entered a strategic partnership with Monroe Truck Equipment to offer their customers within the commercial vehicle industry a streamlined parts eCommerce and equipment configurator solution in the first phase of the project. The second phase will include BOM eCatalog functionality and the launch of an additional eCommerce store for TowMaster.

GenAlpha’s extensive eCommerce expertise is the perfect match for Monroe Truck Equipments’ decades worth of experience. Powered by GenAlpha’s eCommerce and eCatalog solution, Equip, Monroe Truck will be able to offer their customers within the specialty vehicle industry an expedited path-to-purchase.

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity for the GenAlpha team given Monroe Truck Equipments’ extensive background in the specialty vehicle industry. Monroe Truck Equipment has an impressive offering that fits very well with our existing Equip user base. At GenAlpha, we understand the hard work and dedication that goes into building a lasting reputation as well as the tools needed to optimize a digital sales channel. Monroe Truck Equipment has established themselves as being the best at what they do, which is why partnering with them was a great choice,” said Kristina Harrington, President and Chief Operating Officer of GenAlpha.

“Monroe Truck Equipment is proud to be partnering with an organization that recognizes the importance of serving the specialty vehicles industry. GenAlpha is a like-minded organization with similar roots to our own, which is why partnering with them was an easy decision. Starting with a one-man blacksmith shop, we’ve gotten to where we are today by having perseverance and pride in our work. Together, GenAlpha and Monroe Truck Equipment will continue to grow our reputations as best-in-class providers,” said Kurt Beyer, Vice President of Upfit and Aftermarket of Monroe Truck Equipment.

Together, GenAlpha and Monroe Truck Equipment offer a compelling amount of industry expertise. This partnership will enhance the already incredible offerings that both organizations bring to the table.

About GenAlpha

GenAlpha Technologies was originally founded to simplify the parts ordering process for large complex manufacturing organizations. From that need came Equip360, a fully integrated parts, and equipment eCommerce, eCatalog, and customer portal solution specifically for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers looking to digitize their sales efforts. Visit the GenAlpha website at for more details on the company and its offerings.

About Monroe Truck Equipment

Established in 1958, Monroe Truck Equipment quickly became one of the largest names in the specialty vehicle industry. Monroe Truck Equipment distributes, manufactures, and installs truck equipment and pickup truck accessories, in addition to manufacturing a complete line of Snow and Ice Control equipment.

Starting from humble roots, Monroe Truck Equipment has set themselves apart through their perseverance, dedication, and loyalty to their customers. Visit the Monroe Truck Equipment website at for more information.


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