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GenAlpha Announces Partnership with BAM!

October 14th, 2022, Brookfield, Wis— GenAlpha Technologies has partnered with BAM!, a digital asset management and mobile sales enablement company. They bring distributors’ and manufacturers’ data together in one place through an easy-to-use mobile app. The app delivers engaging content to sales reps to support a more successful selling process. GenAlpha and BAM! will combine their passion for helping manufacturers and distributors provide an even higher level of support for their customers.

“BAM! aligned with the goals and objectives of GenAlpha, which is what made this partnership such a great fit. We both want to provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed digitally and streamline their businesses. I’m looking forward to bringing new solutions to our customers with this partnership,” said Kris Harrington, President and COO of GenAlpha Technologies.

“Partnering with a digital platform provider like GenAlpha made sense for our business because of our shared passion for helping manufacturers and distributors. We’re focused on making doing business easier for our customers and providing an all-in-one place to do that, which is very similar to GenAlpha,” commented Tom Paul, CEO of BAM!

About GenAlpha Technologies

GenAlpha Technologies partners with original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket organizations to support their digital commerce journey. GenAlpha offers so much more than an eCommerce solution, with digital 2D and 3D bills of materials catalogs, RMA, Warranty, and Product Configurator tools, Equip360 is a complete solution for supporting all aspects of equipment support and maintenance. Visit the GenAlpha website at for more details on the company and its offerings.

About Bam!

BAM! brings Digital Asset Management and Mobile Sales Enablement together into a cohesive single source of truth for manufacturers and distributors.

The goal is simple: to make it ridiculously easy for content admins to organize, manage, and instantly publish product information and updates to any size network….and for sales reps to access, find, and share that information with buyers. From anywhere, at any time. Live with a customer. Even offline.

When reps have on-demand access to visual product navigation, interactive product explorers, product comparisons, and ROI calculators, it’s easier for them to answer questions and guide buyers to the right decision, instead of just taking the order.

For more information, visit


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