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GenAlpha Announces Partnership with HATCH quantified

December 14th, 2021, Brookfield, Wis. — GenAlpha Technologies has entered into a strategic partnership with HATCH quantified. They are a digital transformation partner that helps organizations produce higher margin revenue and avoid costs via digital. The methodology is cost-averse and designed to self-fund a digital transformation. HATCH offers a low-risk model that uses financial KPIs to track digital transformation success. While most focus on strategy, they focus on operational execution. GenAlpha and HATCH will work together to provide customers with even more resources and expertise to complete their digital commerce objectives.

“HATCH’s innovative client approach aligns perfectly with the goals of GenAlpha. Too often companies spend their time on the plan and put fewer resources into its execution. It’s refreshing to see a digital transformation partner that works hard to build long-term relationships and quantifiable results,” commented Kris Harrington, President and COO of GenAlpha. “We can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us.”

“Partnering with GenAlpha made sense for us because we share similar missions with our clients. We all see how rapidly eCommerce is growing and offer complimentary ways to help our customers expand digitally. This partnership will allow us to provide even more support and expertise for our customers with an exceptional CX for industrial buyers” said Ken Novak, Founder of HATCH quantified.

About GenAlpha

GenAlpha Technologies was originally founded to simplify the parts ordering process for large complex manufacturing organizations. From that need came Equip, a fully integrated parts, and equipment eCommerce, eCatalog, and customer portal solution specifically for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers looking to digitize their sales efforts. Today 30+ manufacturing brands utilize Equip to manage their aftermarket equipment business online. Visit the GenAlpha website at for more details on the company and its offerings.


HATCH quantified is a digital transformation partner. They believe that being an easier-to-do-business-with-business naturally produces the financial outcomes organizations seek. Leaving money on the table? Leaking margin with current customers? Customer acquisition and costs to serve too high? Hatch helps drive top-line revenue and avoid cost through a proprietary methodology that is both cost and risk-averse. Best of all? We help organizations track transformation progress through financial KPIs (EBITDA and Margin). Visit to learn more.


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