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GenAlpha Announces New Partnership with

August 9, 2023, Brookfield, Wis— GenAlpha Technologies and have entered into a strategic partnership. Through a combination of business experience, advanced AI technology, and data-driven insights, helps companies to maximize profits.

Their tools are implemented quickly and by leveraging AI-driven price optimization, they can uncover hidden profits for manufacturers and distributors. Some of the other ways they drive results are by using predictive profit analytics to improve margins, automating processes, and predicting customer churn to increase loyalty.

With this partnership, both companies are looking to enhance their customer support through collaboration and the sharing of expertise.

“Our decision to partner with was an easy one based on their data-driven approach and track record of delivering results for manufacturers and distributors. This partnership will enable us to provide even more valuable resources to our customers which is always our goal. We can’t wait to learn more about price optimization and to see what the future holds for our companies,” said Kris Harrington, CEO of GenAlpha Technologies.

“I am confident that a partnership between and GenAlpha will help to add even more value for both companies. We share the same objective of helping clients reach their goals, and this collaboration is a promising way to achieve that. We can gain valuable insights from one another, and I can't wait to see where this partnership takes us,” said Professor Alan Timothy, CEO of

About GenAlpha

GenAlpha Technologies partners with original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket organizations to support their digital commerce journey. GenAlpha offers so much more than an eCommerce solution, with digital 2D and 3D bills of materials catalogs, RMA, Warranty, and Product Configurator tools, Equip360 is a complete solution for supporting all aspects of equipment support and maintenance. Visit the GenAlpha website at for more details on the company and its offerings.


Using the latest cloud computing and machine learning capabilities, predicts the optimum price customers are willing to pay for your product.

Pricing strategy has a direct impact on profits. Price is individual and based on value perception. Pricing too high reduces demand. Pricing too low reduces profitability and leaves money on the table for no benefit. wants to make things simple. They offer a price recommendation based on their pioneering approach of customer-based pricing.

Smart customer value-based pricing is the key to increasing profits. Learn more at


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