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Manufacturer eCommerce Readiness Assessment Offering

Our eCommerce Readiness Assessment helps OEMs evaluate their preparedness for an eCommerce solution.

This assessment helps OEMs identify their areas of strength and weakness to prioritize the activities
required for a successful launch. A member of our team will talk you through the steps necessary to
develop a digital sales channel that helps you meet your needs.


The Seven Assessment Criteria Being:

1. ERP and Integration Capabilities

2. Sales Management

3. Product Data Management

a. Part Number Categorization & Descriptions
b. Product Images, Videos, Information & Support Materials
c. Product Bill of Materials
d. 2D/3D Engineering & Technical Publications Data


5. Pricing Management

6. Inventory Management

7. Marketing & Business Analysis


eCommerce Readiness Assessment

Scoring Methodology

The seven criteria are weighed on a scale of 1–10, where 1 is poor in all phases, and 10 is state of the art. The resulting score should be an accurate representation of an OEM’s preparedness of the evaluation criteria in relation to a digital sales channel.

Note: there is no ‘ideal’ score to achieve; the readiness assessment is merely a method to define a manufacturer's level of preparedness.

Importance of Conducting an Assessment

The eCommerce website is representative of the manufacturer, and its level of quality will reflect the manufacturer’s reputation. Without conducting an eCommerce readiness assessment, an OEM risks overlooking criteria within their business that are essential to the success of their eCommerce store.

Through the completion of an eCommerce readiness assessment, a manufacturer will understand the areas of their business model that must be addressed and adapted to fit this new demographic of buyers.


Learn More About the eCommerce

Readiness Assessment Criteria

Want to know how we prepare your readiness assessment score?

Here are the criteria we use to prepare manufacturers considering a digital transformation strategy.

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