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Overcoming Channel Conflict for B2B Manufacturers

How Ecommerce and Amazon can work together with traditional channels

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Wednesday, March 29th 10:00am PT / 12:00pm CST

Key questions that will be covered:

  • Do Amazon and direct Ecommerce simply shift volume from other selling channels?

  • Can traditional and digital channels work together to grow overall revenue and earn long-term customer loyalty?

Join experts from GenAlpha and Enceiba on March 29th at 12 PM CT to discuss how implementing digital channels is critical to future success and why it doesn’t have to kill dealer and distributor relationships or compete with your physical sales force.


Some key topics that will be covered:

  • How to master a multi-channel approach and digitally enabled traditional channels

  • Market trends and new buyer behaviors - understanding the B2B customer journey and the role Ecommerce plays within it

  • Defining channel conflict and its sources

  • Tools and strategies to mitigate conflict with distributors while selling via Ecommerce and Amazon

  • How to leverage digital channels to gain a competitive advantage

  • The elements of a successful digital presence for manufacturers

Kris and Brian—two B2B eCommerce and manufacturing veterans—are teaming up for this webinar to ensure manufacturers have the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. They’ll provide insights into these vital topics and lay out what it takes to succeed when selling online.


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