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Industry: Commercial and Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Solution: Interactive Parts manuals

Equipment Parts Manuals
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Manufacturer of airport runway maintenance, pavement striping, attachment, and brush equipment

MB is a leading global brand in airport equipment, offering solutions such as Airport Snow Removal and Pavement Marking equipment, alongside various attachments. Committed to performance, reliability, and customer service, MB joined forces with the Aebi Schmidt Group in 2018, enhancing its position as a leader in the industry.



To help better support parts identification


MB has recently acquired Oshkosh Snow and Ice and they were determined to provide the best support possible. To achieve this goal, one of their strategies was to ensure that equipment owners, operators, and service providers had access to the latest parts manuals. Additionally, they aimed to simplify the onboarding process for new employees who will be assisting in equipment support.



Implementing an Interactive parts manual

MB's commitment to customer satisfaction led them to improve their services by implementing GenAlpha's Equip360 interactive parts manuals. As a result, customers can now access a user-friendly and efficient platform that makes it easier for them to identify the information they need about the products they purchase. This initiative helped MB achieve their goal of providing superior support and solutions, while also enhancing their overall customer experience.


Success within the first 6 months

In just a short period, MB has demonstrated their commitment to providing top-notch after-sales parts and service support by creating an efficient location for customers to access bills of materials for the equipment they own and operate. With this new implementation, they’ve also successfully optimized their collaboration with suppliers, resulting in streamlined processes and faster deliveries. These changes have already proven to be highly effective, resulting in a more efficient and effective operation overall. MB is setting a high standard for customer service and industry best practices alike.


If you want to learn more about the launch of their new online equipment manual portal, you can learn more from this article from their parent company, Aebi Schmidt.


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