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Unlocking Your Manufacturing Potential: The Transformative Power of Product Configurators for OEMs

The landscape of manufacturing is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and embracing this evolution is no longer a choice, but a necessity for those who seek to thrive. Digital tools have shifted from optional assets to integral elements that drive success. A large number of industry experts acknowledge that blending digital technologies into daily operations is a crucial step to enhance competitiveness and operational efficiency.

In this rapidly changing environment, there's a game-changer that warrants your attention: the online product configurator. While its significance might not be immediately apparent, this blog aims to demystify its profound impact on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), offering valuable insights into how it empowers not only dealers and customers but also your business.

Why the Buzz?

The transformation to digital isn't mere hype— it's a response to the changing workforce and the evolving desires of buyers. As we approach 2025, most of your team will be made up of digital natives, people who grew up using technology like second nature. They want seamless online experiences, and not keeping up with these expectations could hinder your growth, especially as they step into influential buying positions.

The recent shifts in buyer behavior compound the need for adaptation. Despite this change, a staggering 77% of B2B buyers find their recent purchases to be complex and challenging. This indicates that there's a gap between what buyers expect and what manufacturers are currently providing. This disparity is particularly pronounced when purchasing intricate equipment. This is where the product configurator takes center stage.

Decoding the Product Configurator

For those unfamiliar, the online product configurator is a sophisticated software solution that empowers your partners and customers to personalize products and equipment. It allows them to customize attributes such as work environment, sizes, materials, and accessories. Starting from a base product, users can dynamically modify their selections and witness visual representations of these changes. The configurator adheres to predefined rules to ensure coherent combinations and calculates the cost implications of these various options.

Upon completing the configuration, users receive accurate quotes, comprehensive documentation, and the ability to place orders directly through the configurator. This harmonizes and simplifies the purchasing process for all parties involved.

Tangible Benefits for OEMs

For OEMs, the adoption of a digital product configurator translates into a range of compelling advantages:

1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Online product configurators empower customers with the ability to customize products to their specific needs and preferences. This personalization creates a tailored experience that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. By allowing customers to visualize their choices in real-time, configurators provide a tangible sense of ownership.

2. Streamlined Sales Process: Configurators simplify the sales process by enabling customers to generate accurate quotes instantly. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth communications between OEMs and customers, reducing delays and errors in the quoting process. Dealers and customers can independently configure products, resulting in faster decisions and quicker sales cycles.

3. Error Reduction and Cost Savings: With predefined rules and real-time calculations, configurators significantly reduce the potential for errors in product configurations and quotes. This, in turn, lowers the risk of costly mistakes due to miscommunications or inaccuracies. By accurately presenting pricing, availability, and compatibility information, configurators prevent unnecessary delays and revisions.

4. Better Resource Allocation: The automation brought by product configurators frees up valuable resources, such as sales teams and customer service representatives. With fewer manual tasks involved in creating accurate quotes and addressing customer inquiries, these teams can redirect their efforts towards higher-value activities, like building relationships and strategizing growth initiatives.

5. Data-Driven Insights: Configurators gather valuable data on customer preferences and trends in product configurations. This data can be analyzed to identify emerging market demands, popular features, and customer behavior patterns. This insight informs strategic decision-making, aiding in new product development, marketing campaigns, and future business strategies.

For Dealers and Customers

Dealers and end-users, on the other hand, reap equally impressive benefits:

1. Efficient and Accurate Quoting: Dealers can swiftly create accurate quotes using configurators, providing customers with real-time pricing information. This speeds up the sales cycle, reduces errors, and empowers customers to make informed decisions based on up-to-date costs.

2. Personalization and Customization: Configurators offer customers the ability to tailor products to their exact specifications. This personalized experience enhances customer satisfaction while enabling dealers to offer precisely what customers need, strengthening relationships.

3. Visual Clarity and Transparency: Both dealers and customers benefit from visual representations of product configurations. Customers can see their choices come to life, ensuring clarity and avoiding misunderstandings. Dealers can use visuals to facilitate effective communication and engagement.

4. Independence and Empowerment: Dealers gain independence in generating quotes and providing product information, while customers are empowered to actively engage in the design process. This results in quicker responses, increased customer involvement, and a smoother buying journey.

5. Streamlined Communication and Decision-Making: Configurators serve as a common ground for dealers and customers to interact. They enable efficient communication, reduce ambiguity, and create a collaborative environment where decisions can be made more effectively.

Taking the First Step

Incorporating a product configurator into your business operations might seem daunting, but the rewards are tangible and transformative. By hesitating, you risk falling behind in a landscape where adaptability and innovation are paramount. The configurator not only enhances your business's agility but also complements other aspects of the purchasing journey, such as product registration and warranty solutions.

The path forward is clear: embrace the product configurator and unleash your manufacturing potential. It's more than a tool—it's the catalyst that propels your business toward a future of seamless customer interactions, empowered partners, and sustained growth. The time to act is now. Your journey to a more efficient, customer-centric future starts with this transformative technology.

If you have more questions about Product Configurators and how to grow your business online, head to, or you can schedule a free demo to see the full capabilities of our Equip360 Configurator for yourself.


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