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GenAlpha Announces the Next Generation in Equipment Support – Equip360

(BROOKFIELD, WI) February 18, 2022—GenAlpha Technologies, a leading eCommerce, eCatalog, and Analytics solution provider for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket organizations, today announced its next evolution in digital technology—Equip360.

GenAlpha’s current solution provides manufacturing customers with eCommerce navigation controls and integrates with ERP systems for live and accurate product pricing, availability, and transactional processing. The 2D/3D interactive digital catalog assists with rapid part identification for repairs and consumables. The administration capabilities allow on-the-fly configuration of products, users, roles, upselling, promotions, documents, and many other aspects of site user experience. In 2021, manufacturing websites using GenAlpha’s application had over 1 million visits and processed $85 million in parts orders.

With Equip360, companies now have the option to include Warranty, Return Material Authorization (RMA), and Product Configurator capabilities as part of their online self-service websites, streamlining business support processes and improving the overall customer/dealer experience.

Manufacturers can provide dealer and customer partners with an unparalleled level of service for every element of equipment support.

Equip360 modules

GenAlpha President Kristina Harrington stated, “Equipment and Aftermarket support is facing disruptive change in the years ahead. Our vision is to provide manufacturers with the digital tools they need to meet the growing expectations of customers and distribution partners. Equip360 allows us to do that better than ever before. It’s a platform that empowers organizations to grow their business while providing the best possible online experience. We can’t wait to show what it can do.”

The digital expectations of customers have never been greater. A growing number of buyers want to make purchases directly from manufacturers and are willing to pay 20% more. There is massive digital potential out there, and Equip360 has the tools needed to capitalize on it.

If you want to learn more about the full benefits of Equip360, schedule a free demo or contact us at


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